About Us

Intercoms Johannesburg

Intercom Services And Products For Everyone!

Intercoms Johannesburg was formed in 2000 to provide local residents and businesses with affordable intercoms and qualified electrical engineers who install, repair and integrate your security system in a cost-saving manner!

Our company has developed into a family because throughout the years we have faced many challenges and together we have remained united and firm on our vision to provide excellent customer satisfaction and quality intercom products!

Intercom Installation and Repairs Is Our Focus!

Intercoms Johannesburg has a large selection of intercoms suited for a wide variety of applications. We can cater for all your installation and repair requirements. Our portfolio boasts some of the most satisfied customers thus far!

The company has grown to provide over 50 people with permanent jobs and we continue to provide ways for expansion and opportunities to all our staff members and that is why our services are offered with such excellence:

  • Intercom Installation:- We offer same day installation services for home owners and customers looking to install up to a 1000 users can expect the job to be finished within a week!
  • Intercom Repairs:- At Intercoms Johannesburg our engineers are specialized electricians who will have your intercoms fixed and working again without any hassles and you will save on part replacements when we handle the job!
  • Intercom Quotes:- We offer free quotes to give you a fair estimation on how much it would cost to provide you with a secure intercom system for your home or business so feel free to get in touch with us to request one.

Intercoms Johannesburg is a company with a lot of smart and friendly people who love what they do because our work flexible and allows us to grow and find our passion daily. Working with great people is truly a gift and we are thankful to all our loyal employees!

Want to learn more about us? Intercoms Johannesburg is happy to answer any questions you might have so feel free to get in touch with us after reading of FAQ for a personal touch!